Statements of Support

  • “The Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University supports and endorses the California Environmental Justice Movement's Declaration on Use of Carbon Trading Schemes to Address Climate Change.” – Robert D. Bullard, Atlanta, GA

  • “’Trading’ schemes are a distraction from the challenge we MUST meet: to make massive reductions in carbon emissions. Let's focus on reductions, not "trading," which have all the bad effects documented in the Declaration, and can lead us all to believe that we're "doing something," when all we are doing is rearranging the deck chairs (trading them around) on our sinking ship.” – Gary A. Patton

  • “Finally there is a group taking on one of the biggest and most dangerous shams that has been developed in recent times.” – Stephanie Pincetl, Los Angeles, CA

  • “Carbon Trading will not assist in lessening greenhouse gases.” – Juliette Anthony, San Rafael, CA

  • “It is as crucial to work in an effective way as it is to work at all because doing it wrong sabotages the time and resources to create earth friendly solutions... It behooves citizens to get involved and contribute their voices to solving the biggest problem of our time, climate disruption, in effective strategies. We otherwise will have government resort to time/money wasting scams that continue to rob the commons for the benefit of rich and elite groups... It is time to expose the lies and the hoax of carbon trading and do what will reduce the carbon footprint, taxing carbon emissions.” – Coralie LaSalle, SHETMA, Los Angeles, CA

  • “We support this truly landmark statement from California's Environmental Justice movement. Thank you for having the courage to say it.” – Brian Sloan, Rising Tide North America

  • “Cap and trade systems, beyond the clear EJ implications, promote price volatility, which discourages investment in decarbonizing infrastructure, and encourage cronyism and gaming of the system. A carbon tax, designed to be revenue neutral, would be a far more effective strategy.” – Wil Burns, American Society of International Law - International Environmental Law Interest Section, CA

  • “Congress is where good intentions go to die. The Obama budget represents failure on this issue and Congress will weaken it further. It is time to resurrect the 7th Generation Amendment.” – Wes Rolley, Morgan Hill, CA

  • “Thank you for this comprehensive, clear-sighted, and enlightened truth-telling around 'market based', so-called 'solutions'.” – David Beebe, Petersburg, AK

  • “We support the California Environmental Justice Movement's declaration on carbon trading. As we confront the enormous challenge of global climate change, our response must be immediate, effective and just. Carbon trading meets none of these criteria. Rather it is a creative and seductive way to continue business as usual, delay the move away from fossil fuels and institutionalize environmental injustice.” – Lan R. Richart, Eco-Justice Collaborative, Chicago, IL

  • “The Finger Lakes Progressives strongly advocates the rights of communities to resist being subjected to pollution gaming by the those in power... We support real solutions to climate change and oppose anything which gives "permits to pollute" and could potentially jeopardize actions at the local level." - – Jeanne Fudala, Secretary, Finger Lakes Progressives, NY

  • “A group of EJ activists in New Jersey is also working on our own policy statement and agenda opposing carbon trading. We have testified at state hearings and are educating the public about this bad program that will only mean more pollution for those communities already bearing high pollution burdens. You are doing good work, and we support you." - – Valorie Caffee, New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance

  • “Your work in California is inspiring people in New Jersey. Thanks!” - Peter Montague, Environmental Research Foundation, NJ

  • “Yes. This a very important issue and movement. It is clear we all need to get behind this organization.” - Barbara Gates, CA

  • "We are on board with this important declaration." - Jose T. Bravo, Just Transition Alliance, CA

  • "The Declaration of California Environmental Justice Movement is the most urgent, long overdue, declaration of our time, clearly disclosing the true nature of those who hold world political/business powers in their deceptions and manipulations. Let us continue to allow participation by people of the world in the true inner and outer healing of the world. In solidarity with life in the living community." - Alfredo U. Albor, Philippines

  • "As a public benefit group working to increase community livability and local resilience while decreasing fossil fuel use in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bay Localize stands in solidarity with the The California Environmental Justice Movement’s Declaration on Use of Carbon Trading Schemes to Address Climate Change." - Ingrid Severson, Bay Localize, CA

  • "Carbon trading equates to procrastination. We cannot afford the luxury of enriching those entities able to game the system under cap and trade. We need guaranteed reductions now!" - Tom Frantz, Association of Irritated Residents, CA

  • "Cincinnati is suffering from environmental injustice. We already have the 7th worst air quality in the country, and considering the impact of global warming, anthropogenic pollutants, and regional lack of knowledge or interest concerning this issue the future looks worse than today." - Kathleen Sellers, Ohio

  • “The Cap & Trade system gives developers carte blanche to underplay impacts to local communities while touting how "Green" they have become. While pollution is a worldwide concern and is not constrained by city and state boundaries, it does have a significant local footprint that should not be ignored.” – Shaelyn Strattan, Environmental Planner, Sacramento, CA

  • “I fully support the CEJM's struggle against market-led neoliberal environmentalism, most notably 'cap-and-trade' policies, and their support for implementing ecologically sustainable energy production strategies that maintain the integrity of the the planet's ecosystem. Furthermore, the attempt to blend social and ecological liberation should indeed be the cornerstone of the environmental justice movement. And for this I stand with the CEJM!” – Justin Myers, NY

  • “I am a former Californian teaching English in Beijing, China. I fully endorse this statement and the principles behind it!” – Patrick Lynch, China

  • “I oppose cap and trade because it is wrong to give large corporate interests yet another opportunity to get out of their obligation to clean up the mess they've made.” - Igor Kagan, Los Angeles, CA

  • “This is a necessary change that only benefits people around the world. In order to sustain life and the health of all persons, not just those of privilege, changes have to be made concerning the way we treat our environment.” – Laura Lichtenberger, Greenaction

  • “Absolutely and now!” – John Gannon, LA

  • “Sustainability requires equity as well as environment and economy.” – Prof. Robin Freeman, Oakland, CA

  • “Keep up the great work! We've all got to reframe this debate and make sure the the "solutions" to the global climate crisis are ones that are going to be just, democratic and actually work to rebalance our way of life with the earth's natural systems.” – Patrick Reinsborough, SmartMeme, San Francisco, CA

  • “I support the The California Environmental Justice Movement’s Declaration on Use of Carbon Trading Schemes to Address Climate Change. I pledge to work with both organizations and individuals in California, Illinois, the Midwest and the U.S. to adapt the declaration to our local conditions and utilize it to mobilize a national movement for real alternatives to carbon trading which address the root cause of climate change and propose solutions that benefit those most affected by it.” – Howard Ehrman, CA and IL

  • “If Lieberman, and Warner are in favor of this environmental cap-and-trade bill, you know it isn't good for the people!” - Linda Ferland, Ventura, CA

  • “Cap and trade is not the solution. Let's get on to the long term solutions now, like solar, wind power, hydro and other renewable/sustainable energy sources while at the same time creating jobs in the USA.” – Donald Simon, CA

  • “Until now California has never failed to become the measuring road for the enlargement of social-ecological footprint of industrial capitalism. Decades of environmental mitigation of the state's mode of locomotion and its nation-wide repercussion has, through the international redistribution of costs, stir the steep hike in the price of soybean in Indonesia, the source of protein for the country's poor, which ironically, has been dominated by US imported soybean. Only social-ecological justice can force the enactment of a global economic braking mechanism--not only the cut in energy intensity of accumulation--to cope with our crisis.” - Hendro Sangkoyo, Indonesia

  • “Thanks for taking the lead on this crucial issue.” - Dean S. Toji, Long Beach, CA

  • “The CCAGCNY strongly supports measures to immediately reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by methods that are deep, efficient, beneficial and equitable. We believe environmental and social justice are inextricably intertwined.” - Climate Change Action Group of Central New York

  • “The rights of closed plants are being sold in our area that is the Chemical Coastline of the Arthur Kill, often referred to as "Cancer Alley".. THE POLLUTION OF A CLOSED PLANT SHOULD BE ELIMINATED NOT TRADED!” - New Jersey Concern

  • “I fully support the California EJ effort to stop carbon trading.” - Rodger Nogaki, NJ

  • “Environmental Racism is happening in Richmond, CA, just 17 miles from San Francisco. Chevron wants to 'expand to upgrade old equipment' their high priced San Francisco lawyers say. However, Chevron got caught refining dirtier heavier, more toxic crude oil than allowable. They are not telling the community the truth. They need to re tool their equipment to refine even heavier crude oil from Alberta Canada called tar sand. Ecuador sued and won in court for the toxic waste left in the waters of that country's poorest indigenous peoples, killing them and making them sick. The same is happening right here in Richmond, CA. We have a VERY high rate of COPD in children and adults due to the air and water pollution. The implications for global warming are insurmountable. We MUST STOP this expansion plan. Contact Communities for a Better Environment at: ” - Janie Anker, Concerned Citizen's regarding Chevron's Expansions Plans

  • “I belive a 'revenue neutral, carbon tax' or fee, is the best policy. See "Global Warming: The Answer. (The Energy Dividend)" available from Amazon or as a free pdf file from” - Wilfred Candler, Annapolis, MD

  • "La Raza Network stands for real solutions to climate change that will not bankrupt our future." - Rafa Aguilera, La Raza Network, CA

  • "I fully support these efforts. Global Warming is a serious issue as well as carbon trading. I would suggest becoming part of the international forum on this topic, as I am. Whatever is affecting us in the United States also affects the world. Whatever affects the world is/will affect us." - Nekesha Bell de Casta, Sacramento, CA

  • "I will join the struggle in support of the future & current generations, particularly those not responsible for creating the current & future global environmental crises." - John Breckenfeld, Los Angeles, CA

  • "California must build renewable energy. We need to re-localize our recycling and resource recovery and build cradle-to-cradle manufacturing. We can no longer import energy and out-source our dirty production and disposal of goods." - Gabrielle Weeks, Long Beach Coalition for a Safe Environment, CA

  • "Yes! We must work together across the country for clean environments for families to raise their children in!" - Amber Johnson, Ayrsley Realty, NC

  • "Green Brigade opposes carbon trading/offsets and favors rapid shutdown of coal-fueled power plants. It supports the IEER plan to be CarbonFree-NuclearFree by 2050, and to reduce CO2 emissions down to 350 ppm by the year 2020 as urged by leading scientists." - Lorna Salzman, Green Brigade, NY

  • "With you all the way, thank you so much!" - Brenda Bibee, San Pedro, CA

  • "Carbon trading is just another way for corporations to mask their pollutions. Steps must be taken to create new jobs and opportunities to develop clean sustainable energy sources throughout the world. With development of clean sustainable energy sources the environment and economic conditions of people everywhere will move towards improvement." - Richard Saxon, NJ

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